Speaker Upmeyer’s Weekly Newsletter


Ensuring Safe and Clean Water for Iowans

This weekend we will celebrate Memorial Day where we’ll remember those that have lost their lives fighting for and protecting the freedoms that we hold dear.  I hope that you’ll join me in taking a moment this weekend to remember the service and sacrifices that our men and women in uniform make in order to keep us safe.

Originally known as Decoration Day, Memorial Day was an informal holiday celebrated in the springtime by various cities, towns, and communities shortly after the American Civil War ended.  The day of remembrance was created to honor the men and women who died serving in the armed forces.  By 1890, all of the northern states had made Decoration Day an official state holiday, while southern states remembered their fallen soldiers in a similar fashion on a different day of the year.  Eventually Congress officially recognized Memorial Day as a federal holiday in 1968, with the first Memorial Day occurring in 1971. Read more »


Meet Our Members – Tedd Gassman


Representative Tedd Gassman just finished serving his second term in the Iowa House.  He represents Iowa’s 7th District, which includes Estherville, Forest City and Lake Mills.

Rep. Gassman is the Vice Chairman of the Education committee, and also serves on the Environmental Protection, Labor, and Local Government committees, as well as the Administration & Regulation budget subcommittee.

Born on March 6th 1943 in Valentine Nebraska, Tedd grew up in Todd County, South Dakota and graduated from Todd County High School in 1961. Graduated from Southern State Teachers College in Springfield, South Dakota with a B.S.E. with a major in math and a minor in physics in 1965.

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Meet Our Members – Chuck Holz

Holz first bill

Representative Chuck Holz, of LeMars, represents House District 5, which consists of portions of Woobury and most of Plymouth counties.  Representative Holz just completed his first term in the Iowa House where he served on the Agriculture, Commerce, Economic Growth, Transportation Committees, and the Agriculture and Natural Resources Subcommittee. Read more »


Majority Leader Hagenow’s Capitol Update


Opportunities in the 21st Century Economy

Over the past two legislative sessions, there has been considerable effort put into legislation to establish a statewide regulatory structure for Transportation Network Companies (TNC’s) such as Uber. It would promote expansion in the state while ensuring protection for both drivers and passengers.

Without a statewide framework for ride-sharing services, each individual jurisdiction was left to craft its own set of regulations. This can lead to a patchwork of local rules, which creates confusion for Uber drivers, and may unnecessarily drive up the cost for TNC’s to offer their service altogether.

Also important within this legislation is the need for updated laws governing the treatment of TNC’s under Iowa’s insurance code. Under existing law, driving for a TNC is considered a commercial activity, and therefore the driver’s personal auto coverage may not provide coverage. Read more »


Meet Our Members – Dan Huseman

huseman phone

Representative Dan Huseman just finished serving his eleventh term in the Iowa House.  He represents Iowa’s 3rd District, which includes Cherokee and Sheldon.

Rep. Huseman is the Chairman of the Transportation, Infrastructure, and Capitals budget subcommittee, and also serves on the Appropriations, Natural Resources, and Transportation committees.

Dan was elected to the House in 1994.  Dan was born on June 28, 1952, in Cherokee, Iowa. His father, Dorrel, and mother, Myrna, were farmers. Dan grew up in a large family with five brothers and sisters.

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House Republican Caucus Newsletter – May 19

A new version of the May 2016 Newsletter is available for viewing.

Click the link below to view the PDF version:

Caucus Newsletter – May 19

In this edition:

  • Register Editorial Board – Uninformed and Unaware of the Facts Regarding Wallace Building
  • Education Accomplishments for the 2016 Legislative Session
  • Iowa’s High School Graduation Rate Increases Again

Newsletters will be distributed every other Thursday throughout the interim.


Meet Our Members – Megan Jones

rep_JonesRepresentative Megan Jones is currently serving her second term in the Iowa House.  She represents Iowa’s 2nd District, which includes Spencer and Emmetsburg.

Rep. Jones is the Chairwoman of the Environmental Protection committee, and also serves on the Judiciary, Administrative Rules Review, and Local Government committees, as well as the Agriculture & Natural Resources budget subcommittee.

Megan, originally born and raised in Harlan, presently resides in Sioux Rapids where she works with Hemphill Law Office, PLC.  She was married to her husband, Will, in 2014.

After graduating from Spencer High School, Megan attended Drake University.  She balanced a full-time job with her studies and graduated with degrees in Law, Politics and Society and Business.  She then went on to earn her J.D. from William Mitchell College of Law.

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Meet our Members – Representative John Wills

Tuesday, Feb. 10, 2015, at the Statehouse in Des Moines, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)Representative John Wills, of Spirit Lake, serves House District 1.  The district consists of Lyon and Osceola Counties, as well as part of Dickinson County.  Okoboji, Rock Rapids, and Spirit Lake make up the major population centers in the district.

John grew up in Sibley, graduated from Sibley Community High School, and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from Northwestern College in Orange City.  He also holds two Master’s Degrees.  John and his wife, Cami, have three adult children. Continue reading…


Speaker Upmeyer’s Weekly Newsletter


Fighting Addiction

While it’s an honor and privilege to serve the people of our district and of Iowa, I’m grateful to be done with spending so much time in Des Moines and being able to spend more time at home in the district.  As I said in my last newsletter, I’m very proud of the work we accomplished this year and I’m confident that it will benefit many Iowans.

Over the last decade, Iowa and countless other states are experiencing an epidemic.  It’s a problem that has crept up slowly over the years with hardly any realization of the impact that it’s having on our communities.  I’m speaking of the widespread abuse of heroin and opioids in our state.

Numerous families have seen the devastating effects of abuse and addiction first hand.  Opioid addiction doesn’t contain itself to an age group, a particular race, or economic status.  What may have started as an injury that led to prescription drugs to manage pain, has turned many to using heroin to get their opioid fix when prescriptions were done. Read more »


Speaker Upmeyer’s Weekly Newsletter


Sine Die

Moments ago, we closed out the 2016 legislative session after spending 110 days in session.  Here are the remarks that I gave to the members of the 86th General Assembly as we gaveled out for the year:

Ladies and Gentlemen of the House, thank you.  Thank you for your time, patience and service.

A very special thanks to the 12 retirees this year.  As you leave the Capitol today, please know all of us appreciate your commitment to Iowans in your district.

Thank you to the House Republican Leadership team: Matt, Joel, Walt, Jarad, John and Zach – you serve our caucus well and I appreciate the help each of provide.

Majority Leader Hagenow – it’s a little different sitting in that seat isn’t it?  I am inspired by the work you put in on behalf of your constituents and our caucus each day. The results are clear and I thank you for your leadership and friendship.

Minority Leader Smith – thank you for working with us when you could.

Thank you to the leadership staff:  Tony, Colin, Zach, Liddy and Terri.

And, in my opinion, the best caucus staff in the building – the House Republican Caucus staff: Jeff, Brad, Lew, Jason, Kristi, Amanda, Carrie, Brittany, Mackenzie and Monica. Thank you for your hard work and the timely and reliable information you provide day in and day out. Read more »