13 Tax Increases for 2013

Tax FunnelThe Heritage Foundation recently published an article detailing several new tax hikes that will go into effect in 2013.  Among these are:

  1. Payroll Tax: Workers will see their yearly paychecks decrease about $1,000
  2. Estate Tax: Gets bumped from 35% up to 40%
  3. Dividends & Capital Gains: Rate goes from 15% up to 20%
  4. Obamacare Taxes:  Several new taxes go into effect in 2013 as a result of Obamacare

While the Obama administration and the federal government allow taxes to go up on families, Iowa House Republicans are working to return more of your hard-earned money back to where it belongs.  Your pocket.

House Republicans realize that state government has collected more than it needs to operate, which is why they have introduced House File 1, to return YOUR MONEY  back to you.

To read the full article and see all 13 tax increases, click here.