2013 Legislative Interim Studies

State Capitol

Statuatory Committees

Integrated Health Care Models and Multi-payer Delivery Systems Study Committee (2013 Iowa Acts, SF 446, §§182 & 183)
Charge:  Review and make recommendations for the formation and operation of integrated care models in Iowa; review integrated care models adopted in other states that integrate both clinical services and nonclinical community and social supports utilizing patient-centered medical homes and community care teams;  recommend the best means of incorporating into integrated care models nonprofit and public providers that care for vulnerable populations; review and make recommendations regarding development and implementation of a statewide medical home infrastructure to act as the foundation for integrated care models; review opportunities under the federal Affordable Care Act for development of integrated care models; address consumer protection, governance, performance standards, data reporting, health information exchange, patient attribution, and regulation issues relative to integrated care models; and perform other duties specified in the legislation.  In addition serve as a legislative advisory council on multipayer health care delivery systems to guide the development by the Department of Human Services of Iowa’s design model and implementation plan for the State Innovation Models Initiative Grant awarded by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid of the United States Department of Health and Human Services.  The study committee may request that legislative leaders authorize supplementing the study committee membership to ensure there is a comprehensive review process and adequate stakeholder participation.
House Republicans:  Linda Miller, Walt Rogers, Rob Taylor

Other Interim Studies

Mental Health and Disability Services Redesign Fiscal Viability Study Committee (Continuation of study committee initially created by the Legislative Council in 2012)
Charge:  In addition to monitoring implementation of the mental health and disability services redesign and receiving reports from stakeholder groups engaged in implementation of the redesign, the study committee shall propose a permanent approach for state, county, and regional financing of the redesign and identify potential cost savings and service improvements that may be realized by working with community-based corrections services and other programs and services that address common needs or populations (2013 Iowa Acts, SF 452, § 184).  The study committee shall also study the provisions for implementing mental health and disability service Medicaid offset amounts and repayments by counties relating to the Iowa Health and Wellness Plan. The study committee shall consider the potential effects of the repayment provisions on the ability of the mental health and disability service regions to adequately fund the initial core services and additional core services and to make recommendations to address funding insufficiencies (2013 Iowa Acts, SF 446, § 181).
House Republicans:  Dave Heaton, Joel Fry, Kevin Koester

Elder Abuse Prevention and Intervention Study Committee (Request in 2013 Iowa Acts, SF 446, §51)
Charge:  Monitor the progress of, and provide direction to the Task Force on Elder Abuse Prevention and Intervention created pursuant to 2012 Iowa Acts, chapter 1056, and continued pursuant to 2013 Iowa Acts, SF 446, §50. The study committee shall review the task force progress report and approve the final report of the task force and shall submit the committee’s recommendations and a final report to the General Assembly following completion of the committee’s work.
House Republicans:  Julian Garrett, John Landon, Mark Costello

Medical Malpractice Study Committee  (Request in 2013 Iowa Acts, SF 446, §184)
Charge:  Study current standards and potential options for the submission of certificate-of-merit affidavits by plaintiffs and defendants in medical malpractice actions and limitations on the number of expert witnesses that may be called by both plaintiffs and defendants involving health care providers.
House Republicans:  Chip Baltimore, Chris Hagenow, Megan Hess

All-terrain and Off-road Utility Vehicle Study Committee
Charge:  Collect information from stakeholders and make recommendations to the General Assembly concerning the use of all-terrain and off-road utility vehicles.
House Republicans:  Brian Moore, Dwayne Alons, Jake Highfill

Iowa Rivers and Waterways Study Committee
Charge:  Consult with interested parties in considering options for restoring the quality of Iowa’s rivers and waterways.  Interested parties may include engineers, local watershed partnerships, persons who farm near rivers and waterways, anglers, boaters, and other interested parties.  Develop recommendations for an initial plan to prioritize river and waterway projects and provide defined goals and measurable improvements.
House Republicans:  Lee Hein, Jarad Klein, Jeff Smith

Administrative Costs in Higher Education Study Committee
Charge:  Examine administrative costs at higher education institutions and the impact of these costs on Iowa students and their families.  The committee shall compare the growth in administrative costs and instructional costs at Regents institutions, community colleges, private colleges and for-profit colleges.  The committee shall identify fragmentation, overlap, or duplication of administrative services on a campus-wide and system-wide basis, and look for ways to reduce the financial impact on students and their families.  The committee shall also examine the manner in which fee rates charged to students are established.
House Republicans:  Greg Forristall, Ron Jorgensen, Quentin Stanerson

Iowa Skilled Worker and Job Creation Fund Study Committee
Charge:  Examine the planning and implementation of programs and appropriations made from the Iowa Skilled Worker and Job Creation Fund. The committee shall hear from relevant agencies that are charged with running each program and fund. The committee shall examine the goals of each agency with special emphasis on current Code language and legislation approved during the 2013 session pertaining to metrics, reporting and goals.  All recommendations from the committee shall be reported to the Economic Development and Education Appropriations subcommittees.
House Republicans:  Mary Ann Hanusa, Cecil Dolecheck, Dave Deyoe

Emergency Medical Services Study Committee
Charge:  Research the current status of Iowa’s emergency medical services (EMS) and make recommendations to ensure the future availability of EMS statewide.  Consult with stakeholders in conducting the study.
House Republicans:  Ralph Watts, Bobby Kaufmann, Sandy Salmon

Stray Electric Current and Agriculture Study Committee
Charge:  Study the issues associated with claims that stray electric current or voltage is affecting dairy cattle milk production. Work with stakeholders in considering options to address the issues and make recommendations to resolve the issues.
House Republicans:  Peter Cownie, Pat Grassley, Steve Olson