Caucus Staff Analysis – Thursday, April 6

SF230 – GA employee health insurance

SF 442 – Gambling Self Exclusion

SF 406 Implement of Husbandry



News Briefing

  • Republican lawmakers issue $7.245 billion spending plan for Iowa:  GAZETTE
  • Caution…the key word: a leaner state budget year ahead:  RADIOIOWA
  • Iowa House approves 20-week abortion ban, returns to Senate:  AP
  • Water quality bill stays alive in Iowa Senate, but some lawmakers have reservations:  REGISTER
  • Iowa Politics Today: Thursday, April 6:  GAZETTE
  • Bill to curb invasion of ‘super weed’ on Iowa farms gets state Senate OK:  REGISTER
  • State, law officers reach labor accord:  WCFCOURIER
  • Two state contracts approved for public employees under new Iowa bargaining law:  REGISTER
  • Grassley supports ‘nuclear option,’ expects vote on Gorsuch by Friday:  DAILYNONPAREIL
  • Iowa Board of Regents appointees confirmed without debate:  GAZETTE
  • Let counties spend more on mental health, advocates ask legislators:  REGISTER
  • Hospitals doubt Branstad claim Medicaid privatization has cut hospitalizations 54%:  REGISTER
  • Reports of sexual assaults increase at UI:  PRESSCITIZEN
  • Ex-fire training official could avoid jail in Iowa scandal:  AP
  • Surge in appeals expected as assessments climb in Cedar Rapids:  GAZETTE
  • Sioux City residents begin property valuation appeals:  SCJOURNAL
  • North Scott Schools begin labor negotiations:  QCTIMES
  • Templeton Rye breaks ground for production facility:  RADIOIOWA
  • State could see a record number of new EAB infected counties:  RADIOIOWA

House Republican Caucus Newsletter – April 6, 2017

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Caucus Newsletter 4-6-17

In this edition:

  • Late Refunds Cloud State’s Revenue Picture
  • House GOP: Saving Lives One Unborn Child at a Time
  • House GOP Approves Project Labor Agreement Legislation
  • Texting and Driving

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