News Briefing

  • Branstad signs medical cannabis expansion into law:  QCTIMES
  • Iowa looks to team up with Minnesota for medical marijuana:  AP
  • Branstad signs $7.2B budget:  GLOBEGAZETTE
  • Branstad keeps open longtime research center without funding:  AP
  • Report: Iowa’s Northey headed to job with USDA:  GAZETTE
  • Will Iowa lose its ag secretary? Northey says nothing firm yet:  REGISTER
  • Iowa schools struggle to keep non-English speakers on path to graduation:  REGISTER
  • Iowa faces shortage of ELL teachers:  REGISTER
  • Eager fireworks retailers await permits but some cities say not so fast:  GAZETTE
  • Johnson County passes 90-day moratorium on fireworks sales:  PRESSCITIZEN
  • Fewer paying Cedar Rapids traffic camera tickets:  GAZETTE
  • No additional patrols planned for dangerous S-curve:  GAZETTE
  • Ernst says FBI can’t rush Russia investigation:  RADIOIOWA
  • Ernst: arming Kurds in Syria ‘an immense milestone’:  RADIOIOWA
  • University of Northern Iowa president OK with costing less:  GAZETTE
  • Iowa’s craft beer industry continues to grow, industry experts weigh in on the potential ‘brewery bubble’:  GAZETTE
  • Iowa Utilities Board sent 5 employees to Portland conference:  AP
  • Election 2018!  Ten union groups back Democrat Nate Boulton’s bid for governor:  RADIOIOWA
  • Women short on sports opportunities at University of Iowa, Northern Iowa:  GAZETTE
  • Study funded by Pork Producers Association shows industry impact:  RADIOIOWA