Action Alert! Big Labor Bills Coming?

From Republican Leader Kraig Paulsen:

As we move closer to adjournment for the year, we’ve been hearing that the Democrats may try to make one last go at some big-labor bills that will hurt Iowa taxpayers and our economy.

One issue that seems to be gaining steam is instituting changes to Iowa’s collective bargaining law. The unions want to take away a school board’s authority to get rid of bad teachers. Under the proposal we’re hearing about, current school board rights are at risk. In 2008, the Democrats tried to gut school boards’ rights and this proposal would be similar. They would:

  • change the right to let a bad teacher go after the first year of employment with no questions asked. Today, bad teachers who don’t fit in the district don’t have to be re-hired and the school district doesn’t have to go through a long termination process. Legislation last year got rid of this right.
  • change the right for the school board to participate in the termination of a teacher. Legislation last year removed the school board as a party to a teacher termination procedure.
  • change the right for the school board to appeal the reversal of a termination. Legislation last year said that the government’s administrative law judge was the final decision-maker and the school bard can’t appeal that decision.

It’s time to engage and make your voice heard. Please call your representative at (515) 281-3221 or email them and tell them not to gut Chapter 20 and protect the rights of our elected school boards.