Administration and Regulation Proposed Budget Cuts

On October 21, all Executive branch departments except Regents were required by the Governor to submit a plan for how they will deal with the Governor’s 10 percent across the board cut.

Here are the reductions for departments covered by the Administration and Regulation budget:

  • Department of Administrative Services — cut $1.3 million — eliminate 3 vacant FTEs, 4 layoffs
  • Alcohol Beverage Division – cut $200,000 – 2.0 layoffs
  • Professional Licensure Division – cut $90,000 – eliminate one vacant FTE position, IT savings
  • Ethics and Campaign Finance – cut $52,000 — eliminate one field auditor position
  • Governor’s Office – cut $292,000 – eliminate 2.5 vacant FTEs, implement furloughs, cut Governor’s salary by $7000 and Chief of Staff salary by $8900
  • Department of Human Rights – cut $313,000 – eliminate 2 vacant FTEs, reduce “on-call” wages
  • Department of Inspections and Appeals – cut $6.1 million – eliminate 7.75 vacant FTEs, 10.75 layoffs
  • Department of Management – cut $700,000 – eliminate 4 vacant FTEs, 4 layoffs
  • Property Tax Credits – cut $10.1 million – unclear whether the local governments can force this cut on taxpayers
  • Rebuild Iowa Office – cut $20,000 – reduction in travel and printing costs
  • Department of Revenue – cut $2.5 million – eliminate 7 vacant FTEs, 35 layoffs

In January of 2009 Speaker Murphy and Majority Leader McCarthy stated, “In the weeks ahead, our budget subcommittees will review every program and line item in the state budget to find waste and inefficiencies.” Either that did not occur or Democrats believe the state isn’t wasting a single dollar. In contrast House Republicans offered amendments totaling over $330 million in budget reductions. House Republicans will continue to suggest budget savings ideas in order to balance the budget without raising taxes.

For details on all proposed budget cuts, refer to the following documents:
SUMMARY – Preliminary Departmental ATB Implementation Plans
ALL DEPARTMENTS – Preliminary Budget Cut Plans