Amendment Would Have Cut Funding for State Vehicle Fleet Purchases

On Thursday, February 26, House Republicans offered amendment H-1086 to House File 414, the FY 2009 deappropriations and supplemental spending bill.

Amendment H-1086 would simply require the Department of Administrative Services (DAS) to stop purchasing new vehicles for the state vehicle fleet for the remainder of FY 2009 (which ends on June 30, 2009) and all of FY 2010.

Iowa has 2,956 cars and trucks and on average the state sells off and replaces about 600 of them every year. DAS estimates that it spends $18 million in annual maintenance and other expenses to operate the fleet, which is valued at $17.6 million.

These vehicles are not state patrol cars or DOT road maintenance vehicles – those belong to separate fleets and we did not propose changing the way those fleets are operated.

The DAS fleet is only vehicles for state government bureaucrats. Obviously, state government employees need to travel. However, maintaining a state vehicle fleet is a very inefficient way to accomplish that objective when other options such as mileage reimbursement or package deals from rental car companies are available.

Unfortunately the amendment was voted down along party lines. Had the amendment been approved, the state’s general fund would have saved between $9 million and $12 million over the next 16 months.

You can view the vote details here: House Journal Page 599

  • David A Foster

    Dear Sirs;
    As a worker in the state of Iowa I like having the ability making my own mind! I do not want a group of union brain washed zombies making my mind up for me! This Democratic dog that is being lead around by the union leash is another way that Iowans are going to lose in the end. Competition is dead, and my rights!

    To the Democrats it figures to fix a problem is to raise more tax money. When times get tough for us Iowans, we can’t tell to the state: “I can’t meet my budget so I am going to lower my own taxes” NO!!! We have to bite the bullet, cut cost, do with less or without. Maybe it’s time to hold on to vehicles longer, freeze wages, lay-off employees, do without the trips and so on. I love that there are yet some Republicians still having some common sense.

    The truth is that these times we are living in are going to get even harder. It should not be a party thing, it should be Iowans standing together to show the rest of the states and the world that Iowa is the best place to live!!!!

    I thank God and my parents for raising me in this wonderful state.

    Thank You for reading.


    David A. Foster