Paulsen Statement on Revenue Estimating Conference

House Speaker Kraig Paulsen (R-Hiawatha) released the following statement regarding today’s Revenue Estimating Conference revisions to the Fiscal Year 2013 projections and their initial projection for Fiscal Year 2014:

“Today’s report from the Revenue Estimating Conference reaffirms that House Republicans’ strong budget leadership has created certainty for taxpayers.

“We must continue to ensure an efficient and effective state budget that does not spend more than the state takes in. Any additional revenue that isn’t needed to balance the budget or fill the reserve funds should not be spent. It should be returned to the taxpayers.”


News Briefing-Wednesday, October 10, 2012

  • Iowa Republicans lay out plans for strong schools and communities: QCTIMES
  • Iowa GOP reveals final bits of Iowa Strong agenda: RADIO IOWA
  • Election ’12: Romney scratching his head over Obama, Big Bird: WCFCOURIER
  • Election ’12: Boswell and Latham debate in 3rd District race: RADIO IOWA
  • Judge decides not to block zoning change for Field of Dreams complex: GAZETTE
  • Cedar Rapids council backs local group for casino: GLOBEGAZETTE
  • Election ’12: King more aggressive in 5th debate: RADIO IOWA
  • Blue Zones small-town demonstration sites; large city finalists named in Iowa: GAZETTE
  • Drought workshops underway across the country; RADIO IOWA
  • Wiggins to talk on ‘Role of Judiciary’: GLOBEGAZETTE
  • Report: Tourist spending in Iowa up 10.3% in 2011: RADIO IOWA
  • DNR to discuss chronic wasting disease plan: GLOBEGAZETTE
  • Election ’12: Iowa crowd likes what they hear from Romney: QCTIMES
  • Election ’12: Vote on Iowa justice seen as test for gay marriage: GLOBEGAZETTE
  • Election ’12: Clinton, Boehner plan Iowa visits: QCTIMES
  • Election ’12: King, Vilsack debate effectiveness, guns, school lunches: SCJOURNAL
  • HWY 20 supporters press Iowa officials to finish expansion; SCJOURNAL

News Briefing-Monday, October 8, 2012

  • Election ’12: Iowa’s biggest campaign donors focus on state, not national issues: GLOBEGAZETTE
  • Doubling downtown – Could a CR casino extend downtown across Cedar River?: GAZETTE
  • Election ’12: Archer, Loebsack clash over hot issues at forum: QCTIMES
  • Election ’12: Third party isn’t charm for Iowa voters: GAZETTE
  • Area men document Iowa’s moths: GAZETTE
  • Silos and Smokestacks National Heritage Area loses funding: GLOBEGAZETTE
  • Election ’12: Former GOP leader urges yes vote on targeted Supreme Court justice: RADIO IOWA
  • Teaching about sex varies in Eastern Iowa schools: GAZETTE
  • Election ’12: Romney to campaign in central Iowa on Tuesday: GLOBEGAZETTE
  • Election ’12: The Catholic Association ‘voter guide’ touts Rommey: RADIO IOWA
  • Drought takes toll on Siouxland pumpkin growers: SCJOURNAL
  • Nonprofits facing shortage of care workers: RADIO IOWA
  • Nebraska leads the way to wellness: SCJOURNAL

House Republican Caucus Newsletter

A new October 2012 newsletter is available for viewing. Click the link below to see a PDF version:

Caucus Newsletter 10.5.12

In this edition:

• FY 2012 Ends in the Black; FY 2013 Revenue Still Growing
• Iowa’s Unemployment Rate Jumps Higher
• Education Funding, Up or Down?


News Briefing-Wednesday, October 3, 2012

  • State economic indicators, revenue growth both positive: GLOBEGAZETTE
  • Iowa City school district could ask voters for approval to borrow money: GAZETTE
  • SOS responds to call for audit of federal funds used in illegal voter investigations: RADIO IOWA
  • Woodbury County board splits on four-county mental health group: SCJOURNAL
  • Creighton economist sees economic hit to Iowa with slowing ag equipment sales: RADIO IOWA
  • Election ’12: Ryan says more jobs mean more people paying taxes: GLOBEGAZETTE
  • Election ’12: Candidates trek to Iowa as early voting continue: QCTIMES

News Briefing-Tuesday, October 2, 2012

  • Iowa harvest ahead of schedule: GLOBEGAZETTE
  • Election ’12: Ryan rallies Republicans at Loras College in Dubuque: RADIO IOWA
  • Warm weather meant more motorcycle, boating fatalities: GAZETTE
  • Application for land-based casino in Woodbury County a step closer: SCJOURNAL
  • High court will not hear challenge of Iowa’s judicial nominating process: RADIO IOWA
  • DNR rejects Lake Delhi public access, water quality plans: GAZETTE
  • US Supreme Court denies Des Moines appeal on franchise fees: RADIO IOWA
  • Election ’12: Bon Jovi will perform at Obama events in Iowa: QCTIMES
  • Task force to recommend extended hours for some Iowa students: SCJOURNAL
  • Election ’12: Outrage over court’s gay marriage decision rings hollow: SCJOURNAL

News Briefing-Monday, October 1, 2012

  • Election ’12: Dems voting early but GOP has registration edge: QCTIMES
  • Election ’12: Boswell says former foe ‘told an untruth’: RADIO IOWA
  • State parks meeting set in Bellevue: QCTIMES
  • Election ’12: Boswell defends John Deere against ‘outsourcing’ attack: RADIO IOWA
  • Expiration of farm bill should have little impact on Iowans: GAZETTE
  • Iowa hospitals place limits on painkillers: GLOBEGAZETTE
  • VP nominee Ryan plans event in Dubuque: QCTIMES
  • New transportation bill would focus on rail, fixed guideway systems: GAZETTE
  • School districts struggle with tougher exam: GLOBEGAZETTE
  • Election ’12: Presidential politics aren’t’ on menu in tiny New Hartford: QCTIMES
  • New lunches a hard sell for Sioux City students: QCTIMES
  • Iowa conservationists, hunters urged to unite: GLOBEGAZETTE
  • Charges dropped in Iowa campaign contribution case: QCTIMES
  • Iowa goes after 46 officers for back taxes: GLOBEGAZETTE
  • Election ’12: Eye on Iowa: new voting blocs emerge: GLOBEGAZETTE
  • Task force member says proposal to increase teacher pay should be open about cost: RADIO IOWA
  • MidAmerican to buy 2 California wind farms: SCJOURNAL
  • Boswell sues former foe Fallon for defamation: RADIO IOWA
  • Secular-based lobbying group wants Iowa presence: GLOBEGAZETTE
  • Election ’12: Leaders say more at stake in retention vote than Wiggins, same-sex marriage issue: GLOBEGAZETTE
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    Iowa Strong

    See Attached First Two Iowa Strong Rollouts

    Iowa Strong Budget

    Iowa Strong


    Iowa Strong: Budget Leadership

    As you may remember, Republicans have united to launch a new initiative that they will take to Iowa voters ahead of the election. The governor and lieutenant governor joined with House and Senate Republicans and the Republican Party of Iowa to create the Iowa Strong plan.

    This plan has three main components – Strong Economy, Strong Budget Leadership and Strong Schools and Communities.

    Throughout this fall Republicans will travel the state releasing more details of our plan and outlining a positive action plan to promote a durable and prosperous Iowa. We have already announced the details of our Iowa Strong Economy initiative, which can be found here:
    Read more »


    Thursday, September 27, 2012

    • Election ’12: Early voting lengthens campaign season, changes candidates’’ strategy: GAZETTE
    • Election ’12: Campaigns pick Iowa poll sites for favored voters: SCJOURNAL
    • Election ’12: Obama ahead of Romney in Iowa polls as vote starts: GLOBEGAZETTE
    • MidAmerican begins looking for nuclear power plant sites: RADIO IOWA
    • Expect earlier ‘call of colors’ in Iowa: GAZETTE
    • VA governor, GOP chairman head Iowa dinner: GLOBEGAZETTE
    • Death of care facility resident results in charge of murder: RADIO IOWA
    • Linn County spending $68K for artistic benches: QCTIMES
    • Governors discuss marketing the Midwest to businesses: RADIO IOWA
    • Linn, Johnson county courts to go electronic: GAZETTE
    • Branstad names capitol conference room after Ray: QCTIMES
    • Socialist presidential candidate not deterred by ineligibility: QCTIMES
    • Ames city council approves ban on home gun sales: QCTIMES