Be Creative, Be Smart, Keep Reading!

42-17371503Did you know that kids who read four or five books over the summer can prevent reading-achievement loss that normally occurs during the summer months?

Call it a “Summer slump”, “Summer Loss” or “Summer Setback” but call it right for your kids. Reading four or five books keeps kids tuned-up to learn.

Researcher Jimmy S. Kim found that children who read books during the summer did better on fall reading tests than their peers who read one or no books over the summer. Mr. Kim’s findings are based upon surveys and test data of 1,600 students in 18 elementary schools in a Middle Atlantic suburban school district.

Reading four or five books keeps kids tuned-up to learn.

Make it a household event. Involve your child in selecting books and dedicate real time and a positive environment for reading. Who knows you might just finish that book you’ve wanted to read.

These web sites give you a great place to start:

Family Education Booklist
Keep your kids occupied with a great book — or a few! These suggestions should keep them busy all year long. These titles will encourage your kids to love reading, while improving their language arts skills.

Choices Booklist
Each year the International Reading Association (IRA) invites 10,000 schoolchildren to read and vote for the best newly published books. This site provides the children’s list as well as a list of teachers’ picks for the best books.

Summer Reading Lists
Charlottesville (Virginia) Catholic School presents these lists or required and suggested reading. Separate lists for each grade K to 8.

Elementary Summer Reading List
This list from the Wayland (Massachusetts) Public Schools includes fiction titles for beginning readers, students in grades 2 and 3, and students in grades 4 and 5, as well as lists of books of poetry, books of fairy tales, biographies, books for families to read aloud, and more.

Boulder (Colorado) Public Library Booklists for Kids
This list of lists from the BPL includes summer reading chapter books and summer reading picture books.

Fairfax County Public Library Books for School-Age Children
Though not specifically created as summer reading lists, these lengthy lists include great summer reading ideas. Individual lists are offered for students in grades 1 to 6.