Big Money Flows to Iowa School Districts

You won’t find a more excited group of Iowans than the 35,000 kindergartners waiting for their first-ever day of school. This school year buzz is the perfect time to remind parents and taxpayers of Iowa’s investment in K-12 education.

Iowa school districts begin the 2009-2010 school year with an impressive $5.3 billion in total revenue. The state of Iowa contributes $ 2.7 billion in state aid. Local sales and property taxes make up another $2.2 billion. The federal government chips in almost $400 million, with $200 million of that amount being one-time, one-year Federal Stimulus money.

For a PDF file breaking down the numbers of the FY 2010 School District Revenue, click here.

Now is the time to start assessing whether schools are doing their job in educating students and whether Iowa is getting a good return on its investment.