Veterans Affairs

2017 Bill Analyses

HF 241 County Veteran Offices

SF 197 POW Flags

Senate File 197 – POW Flags

HF 584 Agent Orange


HF 636 Veteran Trust Fund-Housing Assistance

SF 373 Department of Defense Omnibus

2016 Bill Analyses

Senate File 2187 – Veteran Designation on License (Updated 5-31-16)

House File 2259 – Disabled Veterans License Plate Fees (Updated 5-31-16)

House File 2266 – Cremated Vets (Updated 5-31-16)

House File 2362 – Military Property Tax Exemption (Updated 5-31-16)

House File 2365 – Waiver of Hunter Safety Course (Updated 5-31-16)

House File 2415 – Veterans Preference (Updated 5-31-16)

2015 Bill Analyses

House File 166 – Disabled Veteran Property Tax Credit (Updated 6-18-15)

House File 205 – Reporting on Veteran Education (Updated 6-18-15)

House File 414 – Veteran Benefit Services Disclosure (Updated 6-18-15)

Senate File 130 – NGEAP Changes (Updated 6-18-15)

2014 Bill Analyses

Senate File 303 – Home Base Iowa (Updated 6-2-14)

Senate File 2321 – Iowa Code of Military Justice (Updated 6-2-14)

2013 Bill Analyses

House File 361 – Disabled Veterans Hunting Licenses (Updated 6/27/13)

House File 453 – Veterans Preference (Updated 3/14/13)

House File 544 – Iowa Veterans Home (Updated 6/27/13)

House File 545 – Traumatic Brain Injury Veterans Trust Fund Expense (Updated 6/27/13)

House File 613 – War Orphans Educational Assistance Fund (Updated 6/27/13)

2012 Bill Analyses

House File 2021 Income Tax Fix for Veterans

House File 2264 Internment Rights for Veterans

House File 2297 Transfer for Veterans Trust Fund

House File 2299 Drivers License Extension Forms

House File 2329 Disabled Veterans Hunting

House File 2364 Injured Veterans Grant Defined

House File 2371 Duties of the Commission of Veterans Affairs

House File 2402 Temporary Cemetery Allocation

Senate File 2018 USS Iowa

Senate File 2038 Commission

Senate File 2097 Public Defense Code Cleanup

House File 2403 CDL for Veterans

2011 Bill Analyses

Senate File 194 Iowa Military Code and Military Service Changes, Definition of Performing Military Duty, Tort Claims Protections

House File 195 Visitation or Joint Physical Care for Children of Active Duty Service Members

House File 363 Duties of Department of Veterans Affairs and Commission on Veterans Affairs

House File 364 Veterans Records Management

House File 374 Purple Heart Day

Senate File 389 National Guard Education Assistance

Senate File 397 Criminal Offense for Impersonating a Decorated Military Veteran

Senate File 399 Advertising of Veterans Benefits Requiring Certain Disclosures and Including a Civil Penalty

Senate File 402 Injured Veterans Grant Program

2009 Bill Analyses

House File 29/House File 214 Interstate Compact of Educational Opportunity for Military Children

House File 503 Expanding the Definition of a Veteran

House File 504 Code Correction Relating to US Dept. of Veterans Affairs

House File 505 Record Checks for Volunteers at the Veterans Home

House File 520 Instate Tuition for Veterans

House File 706 Mortgage Foreclosure Protection for Active Duty Military

Senate File 112 Presentation of Flags Flown at Half-Staff