Branstad Signs 9 Bills into Law

Governor Branstad today signed the following bills into law:

Senate File 247 an Act providing for the possession of cats classified as bengals and savannahs.

Senate File 386 an Act relating to matters under the purview of the Department of Transportation, including the use of information contained in electronic driver and nonoperator identification records, the form of motor vehicle financial liability coverage cards, motor truck registration periods, regulation of glider kit vehicles, grounds for disqualification of commercial vehicle operators, provisions for the issuance of temporary restricted licenses for persons convicted of operating while intoxicated, county issuance of driver’s licenses, and the administration of highway contracts, and including effective date provisions.

House Joint Resolution 13 a joint resolution relating to the location and exhibition of the statue of James Harlan, currently on display in the United States Capitol.

House File 355 an Act relating to driver’s licenses, including the renewal of driver’s licenses electronically and including effective date and transition provisions.

House File 471 an Act relating to parental rights, including the payment of reasonable attorney fees in juvenile court or appellate proceedings relating to a termination of parental rights petition and the awarding of visitation when a history of crimes against a minor is involved, and including effective, retroactive, and applicability date provisions.

House File 512 an Act providing for the determination of animal units which are part of confinement feeding operations, and making penalties applicable.

House File 527 an Act requiring certain aggravated misdemeanants to submit a DNA sample and including effective date provisions.

House File 566 an Act to establish requirements relating to the transfer of an interest in real estate by or on behalf of certain entities formed or organized on a profit, cooperative, or not-for-profit basis, and including warranties and a limitation on actions.

House File 627 an Act establishing a property tax exemption for fairgrounds owned by a county or a fair and including applicability provisions.