Budget Process is Underway


This week Iowans across the state gathered together with their neighbors to participate in the first-in-the-nation caucuses.  Iowans take great pride in the caucuses and are the best qualified to vet presidential candidates, but also set party policies and weigh in on state candidates.

I had the privilege of speaking at the Linn County caucuses.  It was an organizational success and the enthusiasm shown by Republicans in an off-year caucus was remarkable.

As we returned to work, the budget process got underway in the House.  The governor presented his budget last week and unlike his predecessor, Governor Branstad has again provided the Legislature with his budget proposal on the second day of the legislative session.

The Governor’s budget proposal is a good first step in the appropriations process, and House Republicans are once again committed to conducting a line-by-line review to ensure that taxpayers’ dollars are wisely spent.

As we continue our review and discussion of the budget, we will continue to make sure each proposal meets House Republicans’ budgeting principles of:

  • Not spending more money than the state takes in,
  • Not using one-time money to pay for on-going expenses,
  • Not intentionally underfunding entitlement programs to balance the state’s budget,
  • And returning unused tax dollars to Iowa’s taxpayers;

Our state will continue to be prepared for whatever lays ahead.

As we have seen in the past, it only takes one undisciplined budget to destroy the progress that has been made. We must not retreat from our principles.

Please join Sen. Mathis and I this weekend for our forums – 9am at the Hiawatha Public Library and 10:30am at the Marion City Hall chambers.  I look forward to talking with you in person and getting your input on this session.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns by contacting my office at (515) 282-3521 or at kraig.paulsen@legis.iowa.gov