Budget Woes – $828 Million Spending Gap Details

Here is an updated balance sheet from the non-partisan Legislative Services Agency showing that we have an $828 million spending gap for FY 2010. Also linked below is a document showing the breakdown of the $477 million in built-in expenditures that the state has, which is exacerbating the budget situation.


The red circled number – the expenditure limitation. This is the 99% of the state’s income, based on last week’s Revenue Estimating Conference numbers. The state cannot, by law spend more than 99% of what it brings in.

The yellow circled number – this is the current year’s projected appropriations amount based on targets released by the Democrats. You’ll notice that it is $350 million ABOVE the expenditure limitation.

The orange circled number – this is the amount of built-in expenditures are required by law. This number is because of the spending commitments the legislature has made over the past 2 years.

The purple circled number – this is the spending gap that the legislature faces. It is the amount of projected appropriations plus the built-in expenditures.

The Democrat targets for FY2010 appropriate $5.803 billion. Although the majority party is cutting the budget by 4 percent, they are still spending $105 million more than the state is taking in.