Candidate Profile: Brian Best

BestBrian Best, of Glidden, is seeking his first term in the Iowa House.  He is running for House District 12 which includes Audubon and Carroll Counties and eastern Crawford County.

Brian was born and raised on a farm south of Glidden.  He graduated from Glidden-Ralston High School and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science from the University of Northern Iowa.  He earned a degree as a Certified Respiratory Therapist in 1991 and is licensed as a Respiratory Care Practitioner by the State of Iowa.  Brian has worked in the medical field since 1984.

Brian and his wife, Sharon, started a family-owned business, Bestmed Respiratory in 2001 and in 2005, they opened Western Iowa Sleep (a sleep testing facility).  Both facilities are located in Carroll.  Bestmed specializes in equipment for seniors and patients who wish to remain living in their homes.  They began their businesses with one full-time employee, and now employ five people.

Brian is currently serving on the Planning and Zoning Board.  He and his wife have four children; Haley of Iowa City, Chelsey of Davenport, Amy of Waukee, and Lori who lives in Carroll.

You can find Brian on Facebook here.

  • Don

    Not nearly enough detail to make an informed choice. Not helpful

  • John

    Why won’t this weasel fill out the Iowa Gun Owners Survey? As a lifelong Republican, I will NOT vote for anyone who will not stand up for the second amendment!

  • Doug Barnes

    Fill out the IGO survey. If you won’t, your silence brands you as just another RINO — and we DO NOT need more of them!

  • Gary Venteicher

    aca has ruined your business!!! what a laugh. looks like you are getting fed pretty good. aca has done more for Iowans than bush care ever dis. if you can’t figure out medicare and aca then go to home care medical they have no problem and are not bitching like you are. your ads are the most filled lies and full of hatred. the most disgusting campaign in history of iowa politics. typical repubterd campaign run on lies and distortions and outside money. was open until the ads started to fly and went with Muhlbauer as he works with common sense not a big mouth liar