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E-Verify votes on the Prevailing Wage bill

On Friday, the Iowa House took two votes regarding the E-verify program on the prevailing wage bill. According to the Department of Homeland Security:

“E-Verify is a voluntary program for all employers, with very limited exceptions. Companies can access E-Verify online and compare an employee’s Form I-9 information with over 444 million records in the SSA database, and more than 60 million records in Department of Homeland Security immigration databases. E-Verify is an essential tool for employers committed to maintaining a legal workforce, and the number of registered employers is growing by over 1,000 per week.”

Amendment H-1059 required any Iowa employer who refuses to use the federal E-verify system is not eligible for public assistance.

Amendment H-1060 direct the Iowa Department of Public Safety to study the development of a Iowa version of E-verify that could be used on a statewide basis.

Both Amendments failed to pass. You can link to the votes for them here, when they’re available to view online.