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12 Facts About Speaker Kraig Paulsen

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House Republicans Secure Tuition Freeze for 2nd Straight Year

For the second straight year, Republicans in the Iowa House have approved funding that secures a tuition freeze at the three state universities (The University of Iowa, Iowa State University, and the University of Northern Iowa).  House Republicans know that the increasing cost of higher education is tough for students as well as their families.  For this reason, House Republicans will continue to look for ways to reduce costs at public institutions and make college more affordable for Iowans.

The tuition freeze is in addition to funding increases at the K-12 level as well as community colleges.

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UI Freeze ISU Freeze UNI Freeze








House Republicans: Investing in Community Colleges and Iowa’s Workforce

House Republicans have been working to make sure that Iowa offers quality, affordable community college opportunities as well as making sure that we have the skilled workers to fill 21st century jobs in the state.  Over the last six years, House Republicans have crafted budgets that provide an increase of over $52 million in community college funding.  Click the table below to see an enlarged version of funding since FY 2010:

CC Funding

52 milOver the last four years House Republicans:

  • Created policies that embolden Iowa employers to invest in the state and the workforce.
  • Continued our collaboration with community colleges on workforce training and job creation and protected the funding by creating the Skilled Worker and Job Creation Fund which now houses all of the worker training programs:
    • Funded this at over $130 million total over the last two years
    • Of this, $33.8 million went to the High-Quality Jobs Program and $1 million to help companies hire STEM interns
    •  Also funded skilled worker shortage grants, workforce training, adult literacy for the workforce, tuition assistance
  • Increased Community College ability to educate Iowa’s workforce by increasing their general operating fund by $38 million over the past 4 years, a nearly 25% increase
  • Encouraged Iowans to pursue fields and careers to fill the technical and in-demand jobs Iowa employers are looking to hire.
  • Fought against any retreat on the historic property tax relief approved last session.

Per Pupil Funding: Up $1,200 per Student Over Last Four Years

Over the last four years the per pupil amount of funding received by school districts has increased $1,200 per student to just shy of $10,000 per student.  This amount includes all funding from state, local, and federal sources.

Per Pupil Funding

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House Republicans Continue to Invest in K-12 Education

Over the last four years, House Republicans have worked to craft a budget that not only balances the state’s finances, but also invests in K-12 education.

Since Fiscal Year 2010, state aid funding has increased over half a million dollars.  These dollars come from the state’s general fund.  This has occurred while enrollment has increased by only 5,000 students state-wide (474,000 to 479,000):

State Funding

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Where the Budget Stands (as of April 26)

Budget Status (4/26)

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A Side-by-Side Comparison of Healthcare Proposals

Healthy Iowa Plan