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End of Session Wrap Up

Below is the end of session wrap up document prepared by the House Republican Research Staff

2012 End of Session Wrap Up


Gov. Branstad signs “Kadyn’s Law”

Gov. Branstad today signed the following bill into law:
Senate File 2218: An act relating to school bus safety, including providing penalties for failure to obey school bus warning lamps and stop signal arms, providing for a school bus safety study and administrative remedies, and making an appropriation.


House Republicans Protect Iowa’s Kids From Predators

Iowa parents work hard to keep their children safe from predators both in person and online. The Iowa House Republicans recognize the challenges parents are facing from predators that are willing to go to great lengths to exploit vulnerable children. House File 2390 came from the Judiciary Committee to give law enforcement and prosecutors additional tools to fight those who harm children.

House File 2390 strengthens Iowa’s human trafficking laws as well as closes loop holes for possession of child pornography. The bill passed out of the Judiciary committee on February 21st, with unanimous, bi-partisan consent. Rep. Walt Rogers was the floor manager of the bill when it was debated on March 8th. The bill received overwhelming support and passed the house by a vote of 93-0, with 7 members absent.
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2012 First Funnel Survivors

The 2012 legislative session has made its way through the first funnel. Click below to see a list of bills that made it through.

2012 First Funnel Survivors


Last Session Iowa House Voted to Add K2, Saliva and Bath Salts to a List of Controlled Substances, Now CBS Uncovers Deadly Info

The House voted to add K2, salvia and bath salts to the list of schedule 1 controlled substances. Possession would be a serious misdemeanor. Possession with intent to distribute would be a Class “D” felony. The effort received broad bipartisan support except for six House Democrats who voted against the bill. You can click here (page 1004) to see how your representative voted.

This version of the bill unfortunately died without being debated in the Senate, however K2 was finally passed in the conference committee report (SF 510) (page 1274-1275) out of the Justice Systems budget bill. Possession is a serious misdemeanor and possession with intent to manufacture or deliver is an aggravated misdemeanor.

Click on link below to see CBS video:
CBS Uncovers “So-called designer drugs are turning up across the country with deadly results”


House Republican Newsletter January 14th

A new January 2011 newsletter is available for viewing. Click the link below to see a PDF version.

newsletterCaucus Newsletter January 13, 2011

Included in this edition:

  • Talking Points on the Taxpayers First Act and House Files
  • Castle Doctrine
  • What you need to know on preschool
  • Step by step on selecting new supreme court judges

2011 House Republican Committee Assignments

House Republican committee assignments are now assembled for 2011. Click the links below to view lists in PDF.

  • Assignments by Member
  • Assignments by Committee
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    Republicans Announce Final Committee Chairs

    (DES MOINES) – Speaker-Elect Kraig Paulsen (R-Hiawatha) today announced the final committee chairs for the 84th General Assembly.

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    Sheriffs Continue Fight Against Shall Issue Legislation

    The 2010 legislative session marked another year of an ongoing struggle for gun advocates looking for changes in Iowa’s gun permitting law. Unlike previous years, the 2010 session bore fruit. In the final days of session a “shall issue” carry bill passed. That bill, SF 2379, takes effect January 1st but continues to face attacks from a familiar foe.

    A number of Iowa sheriffs have continued to raise questions about changes they opposed in SF 2379 with an apparent intention of having changes made next year. For many, sheriffs were the reason changes to our gun permitting laws were needed. Under current law, sheriffs have complete discretion as to whether they will issue a permit and how they will issue it.

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    52 County Sweep Checks In On Sex Offenders

    Recently the United States Marshals teamed up with local law enforcement to verify the listed addresses of registered sex offenders. The audit was performed in the 52 counties that comprise the federal Northern District of the state.

    The audit is known as the Sex offender Tracking and Registration effort (STAR), and represents a joint project between federal Marshals and local law enforcement to perform a 100% compliance check to ensure that sex offenders are providing accurate information to the State’s registry. The audit in Iowa was the first STAR operation in the nation.

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