Condition of the Guard Address and Honoring National Guard Units

Major General Ron Dardis addressed a joint session of the Iowa Legislature for the 6th and final time this morning, as he will retire as Adjutant General of the Iowa National Guard. General Dardis’ retirement comes after nearly 43 years of service to the Iowa National Guard.

House Republican Leader Kraig Paulsen issued a statement in response to Gen. Ron Dardis’ condition of the National Guard address:

“Gen. Dardis and the Iowa National Guard have shown great courage and leadership for our state and nation. House Republicans thank Gen. Dardis for his service and direction over the past several years.

We also thank the men and women who serve in the Guard and protect our state. We are grateful for their dedication and humbled by their sacrifices.”

The House also passed resolutions honoring Major General Dardis and Brigadier General Mark Zirkelbach for their service (House Resolution 12) and a resolution welcoming home Iowa National Guard units who were serving overseas (House Resolution 13). House Resolution 13 was sponsored by Republican Representatives Matt Windschitl, Jodi Tymeson, Jason Schultz, Dwayne Alons, and Steve Olson.


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