Crossing Things Off the To Do List

We’re closing in on wrapping up our first month of the 2011 session. Over the span of the last four weeks, House Republicans have turned our commitments to Iowans into commonsense public policy.

The Taxpayers First Act
The single greatest message sent during this past election was reduce government and the amount of money it spends. The Taxpayers First Act was the first step in creating an economic environment to provide businesses with the confidence they need to invest in their operations and hire workers. When state government gets its fiscal house in order that provides businesses and all Iowans with a level of certainty that their taxes will not increase. Financial certainty is a key factor for businesses when making decisions on whether or not to expand. This bill is the leaping off point to ensuring a leaner, more efficient state government that spends less. It has been in the Senate for two weeks.

An Income tax cut
House File 4 is a 20% across the board income tax reduction with overwhelmingly bipartisan support from the House Ways and Means Committee. In order to create an economic environment where Iowa employers are able to grow and hire workers, they need a favorable tax climate. Many small businesses file their taxes as individuals. Further, providing individuals with more of their hard earned dollars will boost local economic activities as they spend those dollars on goods and services. If every small business would be able to hire even one person, this could put half of Iowans who are unemployed back to work.

Promoting Right to Work
House File 149 ensures the state once again begins to market one of its most valuable economic development tools – our right to work status. When companies sit down with state officials to determine whether or not they’re going to locate here one of the first questions they ask is, “Is Iowa a Right to Work State.”

Health Care Freedom Act
HF 111 ensures Iowans maintain control over their health insurance. The bill prevents Iowans from being forced to purchase health insurance, mandated by the overreaching federal healthcare legislation passed last year, which has a number of job killing provisions detrimental to Iowa’s mall businesses.

We said we would give Iowans the opportunity to vote on the definition of marriage and we followed through on that commitment. The marriage amendment passed the House with bipartisan support, 62 to 37.

House Republicans are focused on job creation and putting Iowans back to work. We believe the best way to help Iowa’s employers expand and begin hiring again is to get government out of their way and off their backs. We’ll strive to do this through tax relief, elimination and simplification of rules and regulations and a state government that works for them instead of against them.

Our Administrative Rules committee is putting their ideas into action and heading across Iowa to listen to small business owners and Iowans discuss road blocks to growth. For a complete listing of times and locations, visit:
As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at or (515) 281-3432