Culver Hires Consultant to Explain Budget

As Gov. Culver’s staff put the final touches on a plan to spend $300,000 on an out-of-state consultants to find budget savings, House Republican Leader Kraig Paulsen (R-Hiawatha) encouraged the governor to instead enact savings offered by House Republicans earlier this year.

“Gov. Culver is spending money to find solutions that we offered in April,” said Paulsen. “House Republicans’ list of savings would have increased transparency, brought more accountability to budgeting and reduced unnecessary spending.”

In March, Republicans launched a website to gather Iowans’ input on cost-saving measures. Soon after, House Republicans offered these suggestions, among others, such as selling part of the state vehicle fleet and reducing office supplies, which were nearly all rejected by Legislative Democrats.

“It’s clear the governor continues to not understand his own budget,” said Paulsen. “House Republicans will continue to offer savings and stand ready to meet with him to discuss solutions that will save the taxpayers money and make government more efficient.”