Culver Promises another Property Tax Increase

Yesterday Gov. Chet Culver committed the property taxpayer to another round of tax increases. He promised a 4 percent increase for fiscal year 2012 in allowable growth, the state aid provided to Iowa’s schools. According to the non-partisan Legislative Services Agency, Culver’s pledge would be roughly a $338 million increase in school spending authority. At a minimum, current law says $40 million would fall on the property tax payer.

Gov. Culver has a history of making big commitments for education funding while in the end, not fulfilling those commitments and instead pushing the payment on to the backs of the property taxpayers. For instance, in fiscal year 2010, Culver ended up underfunding education by $270 million, which fell on property taxes. In fiscal year 2011, he underfunded by $170 million, which also fell on property taxes.

“Gov. Culver has already committed over $1 billion in new spending and now he’s adding another $120 million. Once again, this governor proves he’s committed to bloated budgets and out of control spending at the expense of the property taxpayer,” said House Republican Leader Kraig Paulsen (R-Hiawatha). “Balancing the budget is not good enough if it’s on the backs of the taxpayers.”

Due to changes made last session, allowable growth funding for 2012 will set by the Legislature in January.