Cutting Your Taxes

Another week of doing the people’s business is under our belts.

This week, the Iowa House approved House File 194, a 20 percent income tax cut for ALL Iowans. It is the first reduction in income taxes since 1997 and passed with bipartisan support.

Small businesses are the backbone of Iowa’s economy and House Republicans are working on ways to ensure it’s easier to be an employer owner in Iowa. This bill will allow employers to put Iowans back to work, inject millions of dollars into Iowa’s economy and get our state moving forward again.

According to the Iowa Association of Business and Industry, it’s estimated that more than 60 to 80 percent of Iowa businesses pay income taxes at the individual level. At the same time, the Tax Foundation has rated Iowa the 45th worst business tax climate in the country.

Cindy Golding, a small business owner from my district, told me how much this tax cut would mean for her business. She and her husband are small business owners and with this tax cut, they would be able to hire likely one to two more additional employees. If every small business owner in the state was able to hire just one more employee, it would cut Iowa’s unemployment rate in half.

Not only is this bill good for small businesses, but it’s good for all Iowans. Iowans know best how to spend their money, not the government. It’s Iowans who make this state great, not its government. Citizens paid too much of their hard earned money to their government. It’s time to give taxpayers relief and ensure they have a seat at the table again.

In addition to the income tax cut, the House previously passed $47 million in property tax relief. A larger, more comprehensive property tax reform bill is moving through the House Ways and Means committee.

Iowans sent us here to cut taxes, shrink government and reduce spending — the House Republican agenda reflects these priorities.

We also passed another bipartisan bill this week, House File 260, which deals with Home Rule. Home Rule gives control back to our locally-elected school administrators. Currently, our local schools are restricted as to what policies they can create. If state law does not address it, schools are not allowed to do it. Under Home Rule however, if the law does not address it, they can do it.

This legislation will give our school boards and school administrators an opportunity to be more flexible, creative and innovative for the benefit of our children.

Our locally-elected counties and cities are afforded Home Rule provisions, it’s only right that our schools are too. Additionally, 37 other states have some version of Home Rule.

This week I was able to spend some time with quite a few Iowans – I had visitors from the ABATE Iowa group as well as local veterinarians. If you’ll be visiting the Capitol, please feel free to contact my office who can help set up a tour or stop by to see me. You can contact me at (515) 281-3521 or