Daily Rounds – August 13

  • POLITICO.com has an article on Senator Grassley’s town halls and their impact on health care reform negotiations:  link
  • The Wall Street Journal reports that support for end of life counseling is losing steam:  link
  • Cost could be the determining factor on whether health care reform passes or fails, says the Washington Postlink
  • Bloomberg discusses the role of the Senate Parliamentarian, and how he made decide what is in or out of a health care reform bill:  link
  • President Obama is more involved in health care negotiations than the public has been led to believe, according to the New York Timeslink
  • USA Today reports the findings of the latest Gallup Poll on health care reform: link
  • House Minority Leader John Boehner responds to Democrat opinion pieces in USA Today: link
  • What works in improving care?  Former CMS Director Mark McClellan has some ideas:  link
  • Health Care Reform is even dividing families, according to the New York Timeslink