Daily Rounds – August 17

  • The White House may be backing down on the idea of the Public Option, according to the Washington Post this morning:  link
  • The change in the Obama Administration’s position is not sitting well with some, according to POLITICO.comlink
  • POLITICO.com also reports that the White House has disabled its email box for reporting “misinformation”:  link
  • The White House is also backtracking on emails that were sent to many Americans who are still wondering how the Obama administration got their email addresses: link
  • Massachusetts, home of the prototype public insurance program, is terminating coverage for 30,000 legal immigrants:  link
  • Wisconsin’s new public insurance program for low-income childless adults is running into problems just 2 months in:  link
  • Representative Upmeyer calls on Senator Harkin to make public the bill he help passed through a Senate Committee:  link
  • Mason City Health Care Forum draws big crowd: link
  • Fireworks at Cedar Rapids Health Care Forum: link