Daily Rounds – August 19

  • The New York Times reports that the White House and Congressional Democrats are looking to leave the negotiating table and push through a partisan health care reform bill:  link
  • Wyoming Senator Mike Enzi writes in USA Today that the Public Option is no option for Americans:  link
  • Washington Post columnist Steven Pearlstein says the Public Option is the “Maginot Line of health care policy”: link
  • Dan Balz of the Washington Post blogs about President Obama’s problem with the Public Option: link
  • The Post reports that the Obama Administration misjudged the response of some to their switch of positions on the Public Option: link
  • Democrats on the House Energy and Commerce Committee are now demanding pay records for insurance company executives:  link
  • An advertising firm founded by Presidential Advisor David Axelrod is doing a lot of business pushing health care reform:  link
  • The Boston Globe reports on the pro’s and con’s of health care co-ops: link
  • Medicare Advantage plans could be the next front in the public fight over health care reform, according to the Los Angeles Timeslink
  • Senator Grassley calls medical schools on the carpet for allowing faculty to let drug companies to ghostwrite their reviews of drugs and medical procedures:  link
  • Utah’s legislative auditors find $20 million in Medicaid fraud: link