Daily Rounds – August 25

  • At Burlington Town Hall,  “Senators Face Tough Crowd”:  link
  • The Wall Street Journal follows Senator Grassley to Humboldt:  link
  • Congressman King meets with the public in Council Bluffs:  link
  • In Georgia, the New York Times examines who is attending the town halls: link
  • Many Congressional Democrats not interested in town halls:  link
  • Liberal groups plan big push before Congress returns on September 8:  link
  • Wordsmiths are at  a loss to find right words: link
  • RNC pushes protections for senior health care: link
  • Fouad Ajami, international relations expert, explains why the Obama Administration is having trouble moving health care:  link
  • Massachusetts has highest costing family coverage in the nation: link
  • Frank Luntz advises Southern Democrats on health care reform:  link