Daily Rounds – October 15

  • Nothing to see here – White House, Senate Democrats try to increase Medicare rates without paying for them:  link
  • Moderate Democrats aren’t jumping on the Finance bill:  link
  • Associated Press fact check of health insurer claims:  link
  • Congressional Democrats, White House declare war on health insurers:  link
  • Washington Post examines the impact on seniors who have Medicare Advantage coverage:  link
  • Just like Freddy Kruger, Jason, and Michael Myers, the Public Option will not die:  link
  • One reason why, the unions want it in and the tax on Cadillac plans out:  link
  • And Speaker Pelosi says the case for it is getting strongerlink
  • House Majority Leader cannot guarantee a vote on the Pelosi Plan before Christmas:  link
  • Karl Rove says President Obama still hasn’t made the case to the country that this is the prescription we need to take:  link