Daily Rounds – October 16

  • White House, Congressional Democrats orchestrated corporate support for health care reform:  link
  • Washington Post says American Medical Association going “wobbly” on reform:  link
  • AARP divided on Health Care Reform:  link
  • Senate will not vote on Medicare fix on Monday, foiling Harry Reid’s effort to not pay for the bill:  link
  • Baucus trying to cover more people in effort to keep hospitals on board:  link
  • Senate Democrats have vocal caucus on Public Option:  link
  • New York Times reports on why the Public Option has become such a problem for Demcorats:  link
  • Former head of the DLC calls on Democrats to dump Public Option:  link
  • Washington Post takes a look at an emerging issue – the ability for insurers to provide incentives and penalties for certain behaviors:  link
  • Time magazine examines how the cease fire between the White House and insurance companies fell apart:  link