Daily Rounds – October 5

  • Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal lays out the conservative vision for health care reform:  link
  • Governors from both parties are not thrilled with the Senate Finance bill:  link
  • They are not alone, as some Democrats on the Committee refuse to commit to supporting the bill:  link
  • President Obama tries to reignite support for health care reform with White House event:  link
  • POLITICO.com calls the event all style, no substance:  link
  • Three former presidents of the American Medical Association counter the Obama vision:  link
  • And David Broder of the Washington Post looks at the predicament the President has got himself in:  link
  • Ever so quietly, the White House is trying to resuscitate the Public Option:  link
  • Health insurers wanted strong individual mandate, but they got a weak one in the Finance bill:  link
  • Medical device manfuacturers continue to fight taxes that would be passed on to consumers:  link
  • In the near future, seniors may be able to opt out of Medicare:  link