Daily Rounds – October 7

  • Some members of the Senate Finance Committee like the idea of letting states set up their own Public Options, while others oppose it:  link
  • Four members of the Committee remain uncommitted:  link
  • Senators are scrambling to get a seat at the table for the merging of the Finance and HELP bills:  link
  • Moderate Democrats join Republicans in calling for the public to have 72 hours to read the bill before Senate debate begins:  link
  • USA Today identifies the special interest winners in the Senate Finance bill:  link
  • House Democrats continue meeting about what will be in the final version of the Pelosi Plan:  link
  • They continue to oppose taxing Cadillac health plans, like the ones offered to Iowa state employees:  link
  • Governors from both parties continue to have real concerns about the impact to state budgets:  link
  • Wall Street Journal opinion piece points out that many of the reforms pushed by the Obama Administration have been tried and failed:  link