Daily Rounds – October 9

  • As the Finance Committee approaches its vote on the Baucus plan, some groups are beginning to have buyer’s remorse:  link
  • POLITICO.com reports the health insurance industry is holding its fire for now, but they may not stay on the sidelines for long:  link
  • USA Today reports that Pre-Medicare Americans will pay 50 percent more for health care under the Baucus plan than other reform plans:  link
  • Another day, another opportunity for Speaker Pelosi to bash the Finance Committee’s plan:  link
  • The Wall Street Journal wonders if the Baucus plan is so good, why are so many Democrat senators trying to cut deals to get their states exempted from certain provisions?  link
  • Democrat Senator Mary Landrieu says none of the proposed plans work for small business:  link
  • House Democrats float another new idea – windfall profits tax:  link