Daily Rounds – September 15

As its release draws nearer, more coverage on the Senate Finance Committee proposal. 

  • The New York Times reports on what Senator Baucus is doing to get Republican votes:  link
  • The Washington Post describes the anxiety amongst Senate Democrats being generated by these changes: link
  • And House Democrats just don’t like the bill, period according to the Wall Street Journal: link
  • Medical Device Makers are not pleased with how they are treated in the Baucus plan:  link
  • POLITICO.com writes about the messaging problem Democrats are having with the Public Option:  link
  • A new Gallup/USA Today survey finds the current health care reform package has a long ways to go to get public support: link
  • Rasmussen Reports finds the public’s position on health care reform has returned to its pre-Congressional address levels: link
  • The Health Insurance industry has a new study out on quality of care provided by Medicare Advantage, based on federal government data: link
  • Governors remain wary of any health reform plan that expands Medicaid:  link
  • Fox News questions the analogy that mandating health insurance is like requiring drivers to carry auto insurance:  link
  • President Obama’s pledge not to raise the deficit is creating problems for Democrats on Capitol Hill:  link
  • The Los Angeles Times examines why, this time, the American Medical Association is on board with health care reform:  link