Daily Rounds – September 21

  • President Obama claimed yesterday that the individual mandate for health insurance and the penalties attached to it were not tax increases.  One problem – the Senate Finance Committee says its a tax:  link
  • The Wall Street Journal’s Editorial board has some issues with the President’s logic on this issue:  link
  • Other taxes in the Finance bill are creating problems, like the excise tax on so-called “Cadillac” health plans.  Unions fear that their insurance will be the ones paying the tax:  link
  • The New York Times writes about the unease amongst middle America over this tax idea: link
  • And a former director of the Congressional Budget Office has told Senate Republicans what the tax will do to Americans’ health insurance premiums:  link
  • Former Speaker Newt Gingrich raises red flags over the proposal to tax medical device manufacturers:  link
  • One area of discussion overlooked by the media so far has been the President’s comments about changes to Medicare: link
  • Congressional Democrats are still wrestling with the basic issue of cost:  link
  • The Senate’s rules and traditions are helping to complicate the process of moving a bill through that chamber:  link