Daily Rounds – September 26

  • Baucus penalty for not having insurance or paying the tax penalty?  $25,000 fine or 1 year in jail:  link 
  • Wall Street Journal reviews the week’s activities in the Senate Finance Committee and how the Baucus bill is evolving:  link
  • The health insurance industry’s top lobbyist says the Baucus bill would increase premiums:  link
  • Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid suddenly is a fan of a ‘trigger’ for a Public Option:  link
  • New York Times reviews the amendments up for consideration this week in the Senate Finance Committee:  link
  • Washington Post reports that all this work may be just for show, as the Baucus bill may not be what hits the Senate floor:  link
  • In the House, Friday was supposed to be the final day for putting together the latest version of the Pelosi Plan:  link
  • Speaker Pelosi now is open to taxing “Cadillac” insurance plans, like the plans offered to Iowa state employees:  link