Daily Rounds – September 28

  • The White House probably doesn’t want you to read this – Candidate Obama promised to save every family $2500 a year with health care reform.  President Obama?  Not so much:  link
  • After Week 1 of the Senate Finance Committee’s markup, health insurers begin calculating the cost of the Baucus bill:  link
  • In a bit of a roll-reversal, Senate Republicans defend Medicare while Democrats try to cut it: link
  • West Virginia Democrat Jay Rockefeller is going to try and make ERISA plans live under the same requirements as other insurers, if he gets his amendment passed this week:  link
  • The New York Times identifies another issue Senate Democrats are having trouble with – affordability:  link
  • The editorial board of the Wall Street Journal considers the Baucus bill’s impact on state budgets:  link
  • Former HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt does not like the Individual Mandate:  link
  • Washington Post columnist Robert Samuelson questions Senator Baucus’s “facts”: link
  • Liberals in the House want illegal immigrants to get coverage under the Pelosi Plan:  link
  • Even though no bill has passed either house yet, the White House is already working on implementing insurance exchanges:  link
  • The New York Times reports on the move in some states to limit mandated coverage:  link
  • Georgia has tried to control emergency room costs, and its not working:  link
  • And in Massachusetts, another study reports the same results:  link
  • POLTICO.com identifies the health care reform “hot spots”:  link
  • Democrat pollster Doug Schoen says a partisan health care reform bill is bad news for Democrats:  link
  • Rasmussen Reports poll finds support for health care reform falling, while opposition remains strong:  link
  • Rep. Patrick Kennedy says some things don’t have to be on an electronic health record, like STD’s:  link