Democrat Games Push Schools Past Deadline

(DES MOINES) – Today Rep. Chuck Soderberg (R-Le Mars), co-chair of the Legislative Conference Committee on education funding, sharply criticized Senate Democrats for playing politics with education funding.

“The first bill off the floor of the House was setting school funding.  Republicans put forth a serious and significant proposal for funding, a $100 million investment which is more than half of all new money coming into the state,” said Soderberg.  “Since that point, Senate Democrats have done nothing but deliberately waste time and push off the funding decision passed the deadline schools face to certify their budgets.  Iowa’s school children deserve more than politics from the Senate Democrats.”

  • lyrralt

    EDUCATING OUR CHILDREN ISN’T A GAME! I would love to add some other choice words, but I won’t. HOWEVER, YOU STILL AREN’T GETTING THE POINT.

  • lyrralt

    Also, dollar amount doesn’t matter IF IT DOESN’T KEEP UP WITH INFLATION.

  • Guest

    1.25% in non-recession/depression years is a disgracefully low proposal. Stop playing tax games with industial/commercial properties and big biz tax credits, and you’ll find the resources to adequately support education are easily there