Democrats Move Forward with Efforts to Shutdown Government

Budget negotiations stalled again this week when Democrats continued their efforts to shut down state government.

“There is no end to the Democrats’ demands to spend more money,” said Majority Leader Linda Upmeyer (R-Garner). “They have been threatening shutdown since May and today they just took another step closer.”

House Republicans and Senate Democrats began the session $147 million apart. Republicans, in an effort to compromise, closed the gap to $46 million. In response, Senate Democrats moved $200 million in the opposite direction.

Since that time, Republicans passed the budget omnibus bill, which Senate Democrat and Appropriations Chairman Bob Dvorsky called, “full and balanced.” Yet, Democrats have continued to offer no compromise or solutions. Instead they continue to demand more spending and march down their path to shut down. Even today they proposed tens of millions of more spending.

“Democrats need to decide whether they want to do Iowans’ work or shut down government,” said Speaker Kraig Paulsen (R-Hiawatha). “Iowans are tired of budgets held hostage just because Democrats cannot control their insatiable appetite for spending. They need to come back to Des Moines and work with Republicans to pass a sustainable budget instead of playing games.”