Democrats Walk Away

During the last several weeks, Legislative leaders and the Governor have been working diligently to reach a budget agreement. Late Thursday afternoon, Senate Democrats made the decision they are no longer interested in doing the work Iowans expect them to do, and walked away from the negotiation table. The move is disappointing and irresponsible. Because of their desire to spend more money than the state takes in, they are threatening to shut down state government and they are playing politics instead of reaching a commonsense budget solution for Iowans. Despite this disappointing turn of events, House Republicans and the Governor will continue to do the work Iowans sent us here to do – spend less money and give taxpayers a seat at the table.

In February, House Republicans released its blueprint for the total Fiscal Year 2012 budget, also known as “budget targets,” which totaled $5.89 billion. Conversely, Senate Democrats proposed their budget targets which totaled $147 million more than our proposal. After an entire session of joint budget meetings we combed through the budget, line by line, working to identify priorities and differences in each budget area. In an attempt to reconcile those differences, House Republicans put forth a plan to reach an agreement and close the difference in our numbers by moving our targets up $100 million to $5.99 billion. Rather than move down the remaining $47 million to reach an agreement, Senate Democrats moved in the opposite direction, spending an additional $100 million on top of their baseline number. Iowans expect their elected officials to work together to find common ground, not move further apart.

House Republicans have said time and again that fiscal responsibility and economic certainty are keys to job creation and putting Iowa back on track. We have crafted a reliable and sustainable budget that responsibly funds education and essential services to Iowans, does not spend more than the state takes in all while protecting the taxpayers of Iowa.

A Weekend of Remembrance
This Memorial Day weekend please take a moment and remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms we enjoy today.

For centuries, Iowa’s children have stepped off the farm and on to the battlefield – called upon to defend the rights of our great nation. In each instance in the fight for liberty and freedom, our soldiers have responded courageously.

On this Memorial Day, let’s remember those who have served and those who have died. Let’s pay homage to the bravery, express our sympathy for their sufferings, admire their achievements and say God bless to those who have given their lives to make America strong and say a prayer for those who remain prepared to fight for our country.

Please have a safe holiday weekend.

As always, please feel free to contact me with any thoughts or concerns. You can email me at or call my office at (515) 281-3521.