DNR Director Agrees With House Republicans – Shrink State Government

House Republican Leader Kraig Paulsen (R-Hiawatha) was pleased that Department of Natural Resources Director Rich Leopold agrees with House Republicans that DNR programs need a review. Paulsen went further and indicated that all state programs need a thorough top-to-bottom review.

“I want to make it clear that while Director Leopold agrees that some programs need to be reviewed, it does not give him the authority to ignore the laws that are currently on the books,” said Paulsen. “It is his job to carry out the law as enacted.”

In August of 2009, House Republicans joined with Senate Republicans and the Republican Party of Iowa to craft a list of priorities for the state. In their “Real Solutions for Iowa’s Families” plan, Republicans suggested a sunset of every state program. This proposal is a systematic process wherein every program funded by state government will be sunset (de-authorized) by a predetermined date unless the legislature proactively decides to reauthorize that program. This review forces a decision to keep, repeal or change each program paid for by taxpayers.

“During these tough economic times, Iowa families have been forced to examine every aspect of their spending, every priority,” said Paulsen. “Unfortunately this same discussion rarely occurs within state government but it’s a conversation we need to have.”

During the 2010 session, Republicans put forth House File 2119, a bill which followed through on their plan to sunset government programs. Unfortunately, Democrats killed this bill in the State Government committee.

“Over the last four years, state government has exploded. It is bloated and expensive and a drain on Iowa taxpayers, even the DNR director agrees,” said Paulsen. “Iowa Republicans will streamline state spending and programs in a way that protects taxpayers from out of control spending, yet delivers the services they expect.”

To view the full Real Solutions for Iowa’s Families plan here: http://www.iowahouserepublicans.com/realsolutions