E-Verify votes on the Prevailing Wage bill

On Friday, the Iowa House took two votes regarding the E-verify program on the prevailing wage bill. According to the Department of Homeland Security:

“E-Verify is a voluntary program for all employers, with very limited exceptions. Companies can access E-Verify online and compare an employee’s Form I-9 information with over 444 million records in the SSA database, and more than 60 million records in Department of Homeland Security immigration databases. E-Verify is an essential tool for employers committed to maintaining a legal workforce, and the number of registered employers is growing by over 1,000 per week.”

Amendment H-1059 required any Iowa employer who refuses to use the federal E-verify system is not eligible for public assistance.

Amendment H-1060 direct the Iowa Department of Public Safety to study the development of a Iowa version of E-verify that could be used on a statewide basis.

Both Amendments failed to pass. You can link to the votes for them here, when they’re available to view online.



  • It has become HARD for ME to understand WHY ANYONE WOULD NOT REQUIRE ANY EMPLOYER in Iowa to utilize E-Verify BEFORE hiring ANYONE. It has no cost to the employer, is 99.5% accurate, helps weed out illegal aliens from taking AMERICAN EMPLOYERS offering jobs to legal immigrants and naturalized or natural born Americans. IT IS A NO-BRAINER. Am I the ONLY ONE IN IOWA that UNDERSTANDS THIS!!!!!!!
    I understand that on the National Level… we currently have LIBERAL LEFT-WING LOONS running the show… but what is wrong here in the Heartland???
    Contact Honorable Senater Charles Grassley about this issue, he is one of the few in DC to FIGHT for US on this issue. While your talking with him… ask him to explain 287(g) and help HIM get Ottumwa and Marshalltown accepted for it and start expanding it throughout communities in Iowa… unless no one cares anymore about what is going on here as well as every state in this country concerning illegal aliens and the “rights” it appears they are getting from every corner.
    I am FREAKING LIVID and SWEAR to GOD I will be discussing this with you… in Des Moines as I am now with Senator Grassley in DC… (per him requesting I contact you people in Des Moines) if I’m still living in this state within the next year.

  • Brittancus

    Its time to define E-Verify as a comprehensive Immigration enforcement tool and installed as permanent.. Yesterday Scott Brown a Republican of Massachusetts gained the majority vote against his Democratic rival Martha Coakley. The State Senators Campaign website stated”

    I recognize that our strength as a nation is built on the immigrant experience in America. I welcome legal immigration to this country. However, we are also a nation of laws and government should not adopt policies that encourage illegal immigration. Providing driver’s licenses and in-state tuition to illegal immigrant families will act as a magnet in drawing more people here in violation of the law and it will impose new costs on taxpayers. I oppose amnesty, and I believe we ought to strengthen our border enforcement and institute an employment verification system with penalties for companies that hire illegal immigrants.”

    Politicians who have supported the open border facade, have cost taxpayers–BILLIONS–need now to rethink their ideology, because the American population are not going to suffer any form of AMNESTY for people who broke our sovereignty laws. E-Verify as a part of the SAVE ACT, can be used to detect fraudulent applications for Drivers licenses, cross referencing welfare, health care and other applications. E-Verify can become a master software program originally developed to remove illegal labor from the workplace, but now the federal government sees a wider use of the program. Other working enforcement programs that includes 287 (G) that Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has slowed somewhat and that also in addition to ICE raids against parasite businesses. E-Verify was nearly obliterated by the influence of Sen. Reid and Speaker Pelosi with the new Obama administration. I think most Americans know immigration enforcement has always been seen to be be enforced? But the cold truth is that there have always been loopholes in any new law that has been intentionally manipulated for gain by our lawmakers.

    This includes the whole travesty of the fence on the southern border, that should have been two fences separated by a no-mans land. Or the actual penalty for entering illegally in another nations soil is a minor conviction, when it should be a felony.? IF DEMOCRATS GET THERE WAY THIS YEAR, THEY WILL FORCE UPON US ALL AN AMNESTY, THAT WILL COST ASTRONOMICAL AMOUNTS OF DOLLARS TO INITIATE? WE NEED REAL ENFORCEMENT AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE TO SPEAK UP. Call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 and asked for your Senator or Congressman. GET INVOLVED AND LEARN THE TRUTH AND NOT OPEN BORDER PROPAGANDA AT NUMBERSUSA AND JUDICIAL WATCH. STOP UNSUSTAINABLE OVERPOPULATION IN OUR FUTURE.