February 24th House Republican Research Staff Newsletter

A new February 2010 newsletter is available for viewing. Click the link below to see a PDF version.

newsletterCaucus Newsletter February 24, 2010

Included in this edition:

  • Mandates increase insurance costs
  • Bill on fixing underage dancing loophole
  • Iowans pay nearly $11 billion in taxes
  • Michele Anderson

    State employees should not receive health insurance benefits without paying some monthly premium. This is very unfair to the rest of Iowans that are pleased with their company sponsored insurance plans but we also pay 20 to 25% of the premium. The employer should not pick up 100% of the premium! I am a taxpayer and don’t feel this is a perk we can afford. State employees already make too much money for the work they do and receive automatic increases every year regardless of the quality of their work.

    Secondly, our representatives should not be adding more mandates on insurance companies to require more coverages to be provided. No wonder we have these increases in premium when there are so many mandates.