Final Budget Tops $6 Billion

The final piece of the state budget was passed today in the House, bringing the final amount of general fund spending to a whopping $6.2 billion.

“Gov. Culver and Legislative Democrats spent too much, saved too little and have raised property taxes on Iowans,” said House Republican Leader Kraig Paulsen (R-Hiawatha). “Instead of cutting out wasteful spending and pork projects, Democrats pushed their budget problems on to the backs of property taxpayers.”

The budget is made up of $5.298 billion plus an additional $728 million of one-time revenue which is being used to pay for ongoing expenses. The Democrats are raiding the Cash Reserve Fund to the tune of $272.4 million and over a three year period, $532 million of general fund spending has been shifted to Iowa property tax payers.

House Republicans sponsored amendments to budget bills and the state government reorganization bill that would have saved taxpayers over $600 million.

“The Legislature convened with a $1.1 billion hole in the state budget. We are adjourning with a $1 billion hole,” said Paulsen. “The one thing this session will be remembered for is the massive property taxes passed on to Iowans.”