General Fund Spending Growth: Democrats Approved 3 Largest Budgets in Iowa History

The Legislative Democrats have been claiming that they cut spending this year (not including the Governor’s 10 percent across-the-board cut). That really isn’t accurate.

Even discounting the $150 million of general fund stimulus funds used in FY 09, the FY 09 general fund budget was larger than the FY 08 budget. The only real cut in spending is the 10 percent across the board cut. And the primary reason for that cut was the overspending by the Democrats over the past 3 years.

Here is a chart of general fund spending, including stimulus funds and the across the board cut, going back several years. It shows that Democrats approved the three largest budgets in the history of the state, even after the 10 percent cut. The numbers used in the chart are from the Legislative Services Agency.

general fund spending chart