GOP Conference Committee Members Roll Out New Ed Reform Proposal

Ed Reform Press Conference

(DES MOINES) – Thursday afternoon, Republican Education Conference Committee members released a new proposal to come to resolution on education reform.  Nine concerns raised by Democrats are addressed in the new proposal.

“Republicans are focused on crafting meaningful education reform on behalf of Iowa’s students, parents and teachers,” said House Education Chairman Ron Jorgensen (R-Sioux City).  “We remain committed to coming to resolution on these issues in a timely manner.”

The House proposes the following offer:

  • 2% Supplemental State Aid + 2% equivalent payment for FY14
  • 4% Supplemental State Aid for FY15
  • 2 year extension on the sunset for the Early Intervention Block Grant

House File 215 language with the following changes:

  • Move minimum salary to $33,500
  • Create comparable model language and criteria
  • Local districts comparable model proposal reviewed by the commission, which makes a recommendation to the director, who will decide whether to approve. Add an appeal option to the State Board of Education.
  • Eliminate Teach Iowa Marketing program (HF 214 section 43) – move the money from that program to fund the Competency-Based Provisions in the Senate language (H-1248 sections 38 and 48)
  • Mentor teachers experience, move from 2 to 3 years (eliminate HF 215 section 77, subsection 7)
  • Take Senate language on preschool funding uses (H-1248 section 41)
  • Take Senate language on kindergarten assessment (H-1248 section 45)
  • Add language to ensure that the Teacher and Administrator Development Systems must be accomplished in a collaborative manner (SAI provided suggested language)
  • Remove letter grades from Attendance Center Rankings program developed per section
  • Take Senate language on School District Reporting Requirements Task Force (H-1248 section 49)
  • Take Senate language on Instructional Hours (H-1248 Division 1)