Gov. Branstad Signs Five Bills Into Law

Senate Files 2058, 2092, 2244, 2282, 2292

Gov. Branstad today signed the following bills into law:

Senate File 2058: An Act relating to certain records of rural water districts, city utilities, and city enterprises.

Senate File 2092: An Act relating to informal dispute resolution, by eliminating a program for the establishment and support of locally organized informal dispute resolution centers in the Office of Prosecuting Attorneys Training Coordinator of the Department of Justice.

Senate File 2244: An Act requiring that a veteran seriously injured or very seriously injured in order to be eligible to receive a grant under the Injured Veterans Grant Program.

Senate File 2282: An act concerning the definitions of “all-terrain vehicle” and “off-road utility vehicle” for purposes of provisions administered by the Department of Natural Resources.

Senate File 2292: An Act to legalize the proceedings of the City Council of Ankeny, Iowa, including all legal notices given, in connection with the making of a contract for the construction of certain improvements to the NE 7th Street sanitary sewer improvement project with Pirc-Tobin Construction, INC. of Alburnett, Iowa, in connection with, and to legalize said contract, and authorize its performance by said council and the financing including project notes issued thereof.