Governor Branstad Signs 34 Bills into Law

Governor Terry Branstad signed the following bills into law yesterday:

House File 112: an Act relating to the forfeiture of bail in a criminal case.

House File 197: an Act relating to certification of adult day services programs and including effective date and retroactive applicability provisions.

House File 210: an Act relating to the practices and procedures of the State Public Defender.

House File 212: an Act relating to conducting condemnation proceedings.

House File 223: an Act concerning issuance of a license or users permit for specified activities regarding explosives.

House File 311: an Act relating to water quality.

House File 312: an Act providing for certification requirements by persons involved in the management of manure, and including provisions for contingent implementation.

House File 361: an Act providing for the issuance of special hunting licenses to certain nonresident disabled veterans and disabled members of the armed forces serving on active federal service.

House File 394: an Act establishing a lifetime fur harvester license for residents who are sixty-five years of age or older.

House File 395: an Act relating to the alteration of the community of a motor vehicle franchisee.

House File 457: an Act providing for the leasing of agricultural land by the Department of Natural Resources to beginning farmers.

House File 472: an Act relating to school district funding by establishing a supplementary weighting program for shared operational functions of school districts and area education agencies.

House File 484: an Act relating to boiler inspections and including effective date provisions.

House File 522: an Act relating to the prevention and control of aquatic invasive species in the state and providing penalties.

House File 530: an Act relating to the Governor’s Office of Drug Control Policy and certain advisory councils.

House File 541: an Act relating to dam reconstruction standards.

NOTE: View the transmittal letter sent by Gov. Branstad regarding HF541, an acting allowing assistance with reconstruction of the dam at Lake Delhi.

House File 575: an Act relating to the technical administration of state financial and regulatory matters, including administration of income taxes, sales and use taxes, currency exchange licenses, and the wireless surcharge for enhanced 911 emergency telephone systems, and including effective date and retroactive applicability provisions.

Senate File 114: an Act relating to the filing of a certificate of deposit by the owner of a motor vehicle as proof of financial responsibility.

Senate File 142: an Act providing that certain activities relating to business opportunity promotions are unlawful practices punishable as consumer fraud and making a penalty applicable.

Senate File 182: an Act relating to credit for reinsurance, including transition, applicability, and effective date provisions.

Senate File 189: an Act relating to a risk management framework for insurers and insurance groups and including penalty and applicability provisions.

Senate File 282: an Act relating to procedural requirements in in rem forfeiture proceedings.

Senate File 288: an Act relating to the placement of a juvenile on youthful offender status and the prosecution of a juvenile in juvenile or district court, and access to child abuse records by a juvenile court intake officer.

Senate File 298: an Act relating to the definition of the term “sex act” in the criminal code, lascivious acts with a child, and providing penalties.

Senate File 316: an Act relating to farm tenancies of less than forty acres by providing procedures for termination.

Senate File 318: an Act relating to the administration of the judicial branch including provisions pertaining to shorthand reporters and the practice of law, and making appropriations.

Senate File 332: an Act related to the administration of the National Guard Educational Assistance Program.

Senate File 340: an Act relating to the length of on-duty periods and required rest periods for drivers of rail crew transport vehicles, and providing penalties.

Senate File 343: an Act authorizing tribal governments to establish a force of reserve peace officers.

Senate File 355: an Act relating to the regulation of vehicles of excessive size and weight, establishing fees, and providing penalties.

Senate File 362: an Act relating to the use of the term relative in child in need of assistance and termination of parental rights proceedings.

Senate File 380: an Act authorizing charitable auctions for alcoholic spirits.

Senate File 384: an Act relating to removing or attempting to remove a communication or control device from the possession of a peace officer or correctional officer, interference with official acts, and providing penalties.

Senate File 388: an Act relating to sponsor projects under the water resource restoration sponsor program.