Health Insurance Exchanges Open Today

Beginning today, Iowans can begin enrolling for health care coverage on the online health insurance marketplace by visiting

Thanks to a policy imposed by Washington D.C., Iowans are seeing premium increases of 277%!  According to recent reports from the US Department of Health & Human Services and The US Government Accountability Office, prior to Obamacare the average premium for a young male was $36.83 per month.  Under Obamacare that premium will increase to $139 per month (a jump of $102)!

Democrats have tried to spin this reality by pointing to this week’s report from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services and saying that prices are lower than projected. Note that they’re saying “lower than projected” but not “lower.” They’re distracting from the important point: prices are more expensive than they are right now in the states included in the HHS report.

Take a look at how Obamacare is increasing premium prices in other states as well: