Honey Creek Resort Continues to Struggle

The financial report for Honey Creek Resort State Park for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2010 was released, and the results were not encouraging. The report lists of loss of net income before taxes of $1,497,701.

Virtually all areas within the operation budgets showed declines, with June 2011 numbers sharply off projections. Lodge revenue fell short in June as did Cottage revenue. Total food and beverage revenue was down in June and for the full fiscal year as well.

Electrical and mechanical expenses were over budget by $28,800, as a number of Climate Master cooling units failed. The department is in discussion with Climate Master and will attempt to recover some of this expense from them. One bright spot was the Water Park, as that showed a bottom –line improvement of $9,954 for the year.

Unseasonably cool temps in June, high winds and rain on some weekends had an adverse effect on the number of rounds played at the golf course. Both revenue and rounds played were down 12% for the year, but part of this loss was offset by improved merchandise sales at the course.

From looking at the financials, it appears the department will use $1.2 million from the FY 2010 REAP fund to cover the shortfall.